Energy market clients

We serve Hungarian and international energy trading companies, among them global players that are present in all major energy exchanges, other clients focus on their own regions. Our Hungarian partners include final users also that participate directly in energy trading in line with their business model.
KELER builds its strategy primarily on the companies of the region as we believe that our local knowledge is an advantage over banks from Western Europe. This is evidenced by the structure of our clients also. After several changes in the past years, we are proud to count among our partners a number of clients from Western Europe. [NS1] 
KELER CCP was the first player from the Central Eastern European region among the 22 clearing banks currently accepted by the ECC and KELER CCP has one of the largest clientele that we hope to expand further.
In the face of intense international competition, the KELER Group has made considerable progress towards sustaining competitive advantage with attractive prices, low margin requirements and a wide range of services (<EMIR> , <REMIT> reporting) and serving clients in line with the latest market standards and in a highly professional manner.
We trust that our results achieved to date provide adequate assurance to you and soon we can welcome your company among our partners.
If you are interested in our services, please contact <our colleagues> who will be pleased to assist you.

With capital market experience of nearly two decades, in 2010 the KELER Group decided to enter the energy markets, and in addition to clearing the Hungarian gas market, it started power market clearing also.
HUPX, the Hungarian power exchange started to operate on 20 July 2010. The creation of the special power market clearing posed a serious challenge to us, nevertheless, owing to the successful preparation and the developments completed we offer clearing in Euro to domestic and international clients also. In 2011, the start of futures trading on HUPX from the second half of the year increased further the interest in the market.
2012 was a decisive year regarding energy market clearing services. For its energy market non-clearing clients, KELER CCP expanded services to EPEX SPOT, one of the largest power exchanges in Western Europe. The group of available markets continued to increase in the following year, as a result, in addition to HUPX and EPEX SPOT, clients can access EEX, the largest derivative energy exchange, CEGH, the Austrian gas exchange and PXE, the power exchange in Prague. Client interest far exceeded expectations and clients trade actively in all new segments.
Currently, KELER CCP is entitled to offer unrestricted clearing service to clients on all markets [NS2] cleared by ECC and we plan to expand further the group of available markets with exchanges in the Nordic countries and in the Balkans.
As a leading clearing house in the Central Eastern European region, KELER CCP provides domestic and international clients continuous, secure and high quality clearing services.
On 4 July 2014, among the first players licensed in the region and the ninth in Europe, KELER CCP received its EMIR license from the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, with the agreement of the ESMA Supervisory College. After EMIR entered into force, KELER CCP became a central counterparty, clearing house compliant with Hungarian and European regulations and operating according to international standards.
Since 2013, we have been active participants of the largest international energy exhibitions and conferences. Our presence at EMART, E-world and ETCSSE creates great opportunities for meetings and personal contacts