Account management

Account opening
For account opening our Client is required to provide the following documents:
Documents to be submitted in general:
  • original specimen signature or other document evidencing the signature of the representative having powers of representation,
  • signature card,
  • account management or service contract duly signed, 
  • certificate with date of issue in the period of not more than 30 days before the submission of documents, evidencing that the Client is listed in the applicable registers and certificate to evidence if the organization was established by regulation,
  • document to evidence the powers of representation of the representative of the Client if the powers of representation cannot be established based on the authority registration document,
  • document evidencing tax number and statistical number of the Client having a bank account with KELER if such details cannot be established based on the authority registration document,
  • license issued by the supervisory body if the Client undertakes activity subject to supervisory licensing,
  • forms related to compliance with the AML Act provisions in the case of Clients subject to due diligence in line with the AML Act,
  • FATCA form and statement.
Additional documents to be submitted by Clients having registered offices outside Hungary
  • document evidencing registration by authorities in the place of personal rights of the applicant,
  • exclusively in the case of Clients having registered offices outside the EEA, in line with the purpose of the law, case by case KELER decides on the method and extent of evidencing compliance with the condition stated in Section 10 ed) of the Tvt. and requests a country opinion from an external legal adviser. 
Additional documents to be submitted by Clients qualified participants
  • instrument of constitution,
  • authorization and form related to the finality of payment,
  • in the case of Client considered foreign Participant written legal statement issued by the legal counsel of the foreign participant that the requirements stated in Section 10 ea), eb) and ec) of the Tvt. are fully met. 

Communication channels
KELER provides the possibility of traditional (paper based) and electronic (KID, SWIFT) communication to Clients. More details on electronic channels can be found at 
Our Clients are sent status messages and statements in the communication channel selected. 
Statements provided with the frequency selected (typically daily) inform Clients on the turnover of bank accounts kept by KELER. 

Interest payment
The interest rate stated in the Condition list of interest rates valid from time to time is credited retrospectively on the first banking day of the following month for the credit balance of the account kept by KELER Ltd. 

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