CFI code

Financial markets have been creating a large number of instruments, most frequently shares and bonds; however, there are derivatives and currencies among these instruments also. In 1997 the Classification of Financial Instruments, i.e. the CFI code was established for the clear grouping of instruments in the ISO 10962 standards.

The CFI code of the security is issued by the members of ANNA, KELER is the issuer of CFI codes in Hungary. There is no need to apply for the CFI code, KELER automatically generates this code.

CFI code structure

The code contains 6 alphanumeric characters; each character refers to a specific attribute of the instrument. The following table illustrates the code structure:

CFI code structure
Category Group Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute 3 Attibute 4 Code
 D = Debt Instrument           (D-*-*-*-*-*)
   B - Bonds   F - Fixed interest rate       (D-B-*-*-*-*)
   C - Convertible Bonds  V - Variable interest rate       (D-C-*-*-*-*)
   M - Miscellaneous   X - Not available       (D-*-*-*-*-*)
   T - Medium - term notes  Z - Zero interest rate       (D-M-*-*-*-*)
   W - Warrants attached to bonds         (D-T-*-*-*-*)
   Y - Money market instrument         (D-W-*-*-*-*)
 E = Equities           (D-Y-*-*-*-*)
   S - Shares  Voting Right  Ownership  Payment Status  Form (E-*-*-*-*-*)
     E = Enhanced voting       (E-S-*-*-*-*)
     N = Non-voting       (E-S-E-*-*-*)
     R = Restricted voting       (E-S-N-*-*-*)
     V = Voting       (E-S-R-*-*-*)
       T = Restrictions     (E-S-V-*-*-*)
       U = Free     (E-S-*-T-*-*)
         F = Fully paid   (E-S-*-F-*-*)
         O = Nil paid   (E-S-*-*-O-*)
         P = Partly paid   (E-S-*-*-P-*)
           A = Registered depository receipt (E-S-*-*-*-A)
          B = Bearer (E-S-*-*-*-B)
            N = Bearer/Registered (E-S-*-*-*-N)
           R = Registered (E-S-*-*-*-R)
           Z = Bearer depository receipt (E-S-*-*-*-Z)