What are the main service benefits?

  • Reporting obligations prescribed under MIFID II / MIFIR, such as transparency reporting (APA) and transaction reporting to be sent to the relevant authority could be managed through KELER as a licenced ARM servic provider (Approved Reporting Mechanism).
  • Unified platfom covering also EMIR and REMIT related reporting obligations.
  • Simple, efficient platform.
  • Favourable fees.

Service details for Trade Reporting services provided by KELER

1) Transparency reporting (APA):

  • Pre-trade and post trade reports sent to KELER manually or via webservice are forwarded through KELER’s Trade Reporting (TR) System.
  • Continuous delivery feedback about all reports sent.
  • Only formally wise approved reports can be forwarded.
  • The pre-trade data are published on the KELER_pretrade website.
  • The post-trade data are published on the KELER_APA website.
  • Free of charge testing and system demo.

2) Transactions reporting (ARM)

  • Submission of sent transaction details to the Central Bank of Hungary.
  • Status feedback on reports sents.
  • Free of charge testing and system demo.

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