T2S Migration 3-6 February, 2017

T2S migration  -  Successful migration, Monday business day in T2S opened

2017 02 06 Successful T2S migration.pdf
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T2S migration - PoNR reached

2017 02 04 PoNR reached.pdf
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T2S migration - KELER completed migration tasks successfully

2017 02 04 T2S migration tasks completed.pdf
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T2S migration successfully started 


2017 02 03 T2S migration successfully started.pdf
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T2S migration reminder 

2017 02 02 T2S migration reminder.pdf
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KID system upgrade
The T2S cutover requires the upgrade of the KID system also. As the changes to the KID system are minor (cross-border screen changes, and a number of smaller fixes go live), technical download and upgrade will take a short time only. In light of the cooperation with the international project and the related dependency, our clients are requested to complete the KID download and upgrade on the morning of Monday, 6 February (recommended timeframe: between 06:30 and 08:00), instead of the usual timing of these tasks on the Friday before the cutover, after KELER sent information on the successful implementation of the international cutover. 
Separate information on the technical details will be sent to the KID contact persons in the usual channel. 

2017 01 31 Information on KID system update.pdf
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Information on T2S Migration 

2017 01 24 KELER information on T2S migration.pdf
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