Client Information on the EMIR services

Dear Clients!

Please be informed that the CSV format reports produced by the KELER CCP have been created and can be downloaded from the KID. The reports can also be uploaded to the KELER-TR system. 
Please note that we have detected an error in the validation rule prepared by ESMA for derivative transactions where the transaction contains a currency pair. This error also means that CSV files containing the mentioned transactions will be rejected. We see a long-term solution to this problem in the modification of the rules set by ESMA, but to ensure the submission of a report on these types of transactions, we suggest the following. In the "StrkPricMntryCcy" field of the CSV file, it is recommended to display the currency of the base currency of the transaction, consisting of 3 alphanumeric characters, instead of a currency pair, which will allow the report to be submitted.
If the upload of the report generated by the KELER KSZF is rejected due to the above mentioned error, please modify the report to be submitted as mentioned above.

Please note that the processing of reports in XML format is still ongoing. Due to slowdowns during the day, the KELER-TR system will continue to accept reports until 22:00 today.

Best regards: