KELER reports a profitable year – interview with György Dudás

KELER Group grew more than expected in 2016 – said CEO György Dudás in his interview on TrendFM.

With an increase of 4,5%, KELER Central Depository Ltd., the sole central securities depository of the Hungarian capital market realized 4.5 billion Forints income from services in 2016, according to György Dudás. KELER CCP Ltd. achieved an annual growth of 11%, so the Group member providing clearing services and guarantee undertaking accounted for nearly 1.3 billion Forints.

György Dudás highlighted that the total volume of dematerialized securities is held on the accounts with KELER. KELER's clients are mainly domestic banks and brokerage firms. In the stock exchange settlement, KELER CCP plays a key role as it continuously receives real-time transactions on the stock exchange and as a CCP stands between the seller and the buyer, assuming the risk of stock market transactions.

Taking the current prospects of the capital market, György Dudás predicts another good year and the trends of 2016 to be continued. In addition to the capital markets, the performance of the energy markets has a significant impact on the revenues of KELER Group, as KELER CCP offers clearing and settlement services on several Hungarian, regional and Western European gas and electricity markets.