Fund managers & distributors

Investment fund managers, distributors and custodians

KELER offers the market participants a complete solution to manage investment fund units through its WARP (Wide Application Routing Platform) system.

WARP is an electronic platform that covers the entire process of investment fund unit trading and links the participants involved in trading (Fund Managers, Custodians, and Distributors).
The platform includes all the information from the point of giving the order, through the additional steps of trading until the settlement, the creation and cancellation of the investment fund units. It provides real time information to the users on the status of the individual trade items and helps prevent rounding issues. WARP provides the only possible option currently to create or cancel investment fund units on a daily basis, electronically.
The WARP system integrates investment fund unit trading and all related settlement procedure in an electronic, centrally operated system. WARP links and provides real time information to all parties involved in the process. The partners can manage and forward the trades in line with the roles assigned to them.