Electronic channels

In order to promote the broad use of the services offered and facilitate and standardize communication, KELER provides electronic solutions to Clients besides the traditional channels (personal and paper-based). The unique electronic channels developed are not limited to the exchange of messages; these channels come with a number of integrated, stand-alone functions with added value and exceed international standards.

KELER wishes to create long term relationships when IT partners are selected and basic principles such as competence, business acumen, sound financial background and reliability are key selection criteria. In addition to functionality and ergonomics, aspects such as state-of-art technology solutions, use of available standards and compliance with security requirements are of primary importance when developments are considered.

The development, testing, installation, operation and administration of applications offered by KELER to Clients are supported by project management based on international standards that makes sure that in addition to the above aspects and besides the strategic goals of KELER the communicated Client needs are paid attention when new solutions are designed. 

KELER service and support applications
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KELER reserves the right, based on security considerations, to block access to certain of its services offered via the Internet from certain geographic regions or countries, based on the geographic location associated with the network ID (IP address) of the user.  

If you find that a service of KELER offered via the Internet is constantly unavailable to you, but you are eligible for its use and have taken the technical measures necessary for access, as communicated by KELER (for example, installing the appropriate client certificate), please check which geographic region or country is assigned to your IP address. If your IP address is assigned to a non-EU country that is subject to a ban under sanctions or is a frequent origin of cyberattacks, it may be that access is blocked due to your geographic location. You can request authorisation for your IP address in a message sent via the “Write to us” menu item of our site: For authorisation, please provide the following information:

  • the name or company name indicated in your contract with KELER (if you already have a contract with KELER),
  • the name of the service you wish to use,
  • the time you unsuccessfully attempted to use this service (as precisely as possible),
  • your IP address.

Without the above, we are unable to grant authorisation.  

You can check your IP address on the following sites, for example: or  

You can check the country assigned to your IP address on the following sites, for example:, or