The test environment of the CAPS system is continuously open except for the time of maintenance works. The fact that the test system is open does not necessarily mean that the SWIFT connection is also available. If there is no announced test period, in the case of a SWIFT testing request, please contact our colleagues at the contact details below.

In the new test period KELER keeps unchanged all users and settings provided by the clients in previous test periods. Accordingly, if no changes have occurred concerning the data provided, it is not necessary to fill in a new test data sheet, the certificate received earlier can be used, it is not necessary to request a new one.

If modification is necessary, please send the test data sheet to the  address (it is not necessary to sign the test data sheet). In terms of change please review the following data in particular:

  • IT and Business Administrator (the other users will continue to be managed by the client’s administrators)
  • request of SWIFT connection and the provided data (BIC11, DN, selected message types)
  • email address used for shareholder identification
  • notification email address (this can be modified in the CAPS test system as well, after opening the test system; it is not necessary to send a test data sheet)

If you have already received a test certificate but the certificate is no longer available, please indicate the need for a new CAPS TEST certificate by sending an email to . KELER Service Desk will then send a new certificate to the email address specified on the test data sheet and the code necessary for unpacking to the specified phone number.

The CAPS test system is available here: https://caps.test.keler.hu/caps.

Test Data Sheet


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