Directive 2017/828 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 (SRD 2) aims to strengthen the shareholders’ position and ensure that the corporate and investor decisions serve the long-term stability of the companies. KELER is developing a new system, i.e. the CAPS, to provide the services specified by the SRD 2. During the development of the new system, KELER places special emphasis on customer-friendly appearance and the application of modern industrial standards.

The web-based CAPS system is available through the Internet to issuers and customers with securities account at KELER after certificate-based two-factor identification (by installing the certificate provided by KELER).

In order to ensure cooperation between economic operators and automated processing, the messages between the intermediaries must be forwarded, where applicable, in a machine-readable uniform format. To facilitate automated processing, in addition to developing the CAPS system, KELER also enables the flow of messages in relation to these services through the SWIFT system.

Communication with ISO-format messages is required by law. Only the ISO 20022 format fulfils the SRD 2 requirements; accordingly, KELER has also chosen this format to be used in the CAPS system.