International banks & Brokerages

KELER has been offering its services for more than two decades to international clients.

As a part of its strategy KELER is constantly expending its custody services in terms of local and international securities, supporting banks and broker dealers to further enhance their course of business (for further information on our future services please see ’Strategy’ on KELER’s homepage).
Custody services and securities account maintenance
In line with its central depository role, KELER offers securities account maintenance with all the safety of directly keeping accounts with a depository and attached to that a wide range of high quality custody services to its clients.
Securities settlement is possible in KELER’s system both delivery versus payment (DVP) and free of payment (FOP).  In addition, acceptance of buy and sell trades, matching, status management and settlement reporting are all included in our service.
It is a by-law requirement in Hungary to keep proprietary assets and client assets fully segregated on securities accounts kept with the depository. Our clients are free to choose omnibus structure to their securities accounts or further segregation to sub-accounts in clients’ or client groups’ names.
Cash account maintenance
Primarily to enable versus payment settlement, KELER provides its clients with cash management services both in local and foreign currency.
Competitive interest is offered by KELER Treasury individually on the balances of these cash accounts.
Corporate actions
By offering asset servicing, KELER provides for the execution of rights related to Hungarian securities kept on the securities accounts of its custody clients in case of various corporate actions.
KELER’s service covers the following:
  • continuous monitoring of published corporate action notices and forwarding them to clients;
  • relationship managment with clients and issuers;
  • processing and executing corporate actions;
  • collection of dividend and interest income;
  • participation at general meetings and proxy voting (voting on behalf of the client at a general meeting based on his authorisation);
  • assistance with tax-reclaimes;
  • providing various support to enhance participation in elective corporate actions (e.g. document translation, authentication).