Corporate action management

Management of domestic corporate actions for non-resident client 

KELER provides asset servicing, that it to say it facilitates the exercise of rights related to the securities in the case of various corporate actions of Hungarian securities kept in the securities accounts of its custody clients. 

The service covers monitoring the publication of corporate action notices, keeping contact with the clients and the issuers and the processing and execution of the actions. Furthermore asset servicing includes the collection of dividends and interest income, proxy voting (authorized person participates and votes at the general meeting), tax reclaim related assistance and facilitating participation in elective corporate actions (e.g. document translation, authentication).

Management of corporate actions of foreign securities 

KELER ensures participation in corporate actions related to the foreign securities of the client where participation is provided for by the foreign custodian of KELER. 
Clients are entitled to participate in corporate actions if they hold balances in the securities concerned on the due date of the corporate action, in certain foreign markets those clients can participate that are holders of securities based on securities buy (in certain cases sell) transaction data (deal date, ex-date, settlement date)  but settlement is not yet completed in the system of the foreign custodian. 

Based on information received from the foreign custodian KELER informs clients on the type and important dates of the event and the order of execution. Important dates and the order of execution of corporate events of foreign securities are not (necessarily) the same as for Hungarian securities.