Dividend payment

Since 1998, based on instructions by the paying party, KELER is involved in dividend payment.
Our services include: 
  • Co-operation in finalizing the text of the dividend payment notice,
  • Communication with custodians and account keeping institutions, 
  • Calculation of gross dividend, applicable rates and taxes (tax, health contribution) and net dividend by shareholder based on available information, 
  • Transferring the calculated net dividend to the shareholder directly or indirectly through the institution keeping the account of the shareholder, 
  • Providing details to the account keepers on amounts transferred by shareholder to account keepers (payment list), 
  • Preparing and forwarding the tax certificates to shareholders, 
  • Supporting issuers in meeting their dividend payment related reporting obligation by preparing and providing to the issuers detailed analytics on dividend paid in the current month, 
  • Making supplementary payments.

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