Share registry

Our share registry management services include: 

  • Continuous maintenance of the share registry: making and deleting entries in line with the restrictions defined in the bylaws,
  • Processing the data of shareholder registration,
  • Registering non-marketable (stopped, declared void) equities,
  • Keeping contact with notary publics, custodians, account keeping organizations,
  • Issuing extract of the share registry to holders of shares,
  • Preparing ownership structure,
  • Historic management of share registry data: ensuring that data can be retrieved and monitoring changes to the share registry,
  • Forwarding mails to shareholders,
  • Providing client services. 

Our services are available for both physical and dematerialized equities. 

Our partners:

Stock exchange listed companies 

Állami Nyomda Nyrt.; BIF Nyrt.; Danubius Hotels Nyrt.; EGIS Nyrt.; ELMŰ Nyrt.; ÉMÁSZ Nyrt.; Graphisoft Park SE; Magyar Telekom Nyrt.; MOL Nyrt.; PANNERGY Nyrt.; RÁBA Nyrt.; Synergon Nyrt.;

Companies not listed on the stock exchange 

BÉT Zrt.; BUDAPEST Bank NyRrt. ; DÉMÁSZ Zrt.; Digitania Zrt.; Dometic Zrt.; GRAPHISOFT SE; JASMIN MEDIA GROUP Zrt.; K&H Bank Nyrt.; Kalocsai Fűszerpaprika Zrt.; E.ON KÖGÁZ ZRt.; LEGRAND ZRrt.; MALÉV Zrt.; Pannon GSM Zrt.; ROYAL SPED Rt.; SAXUM Zrt.; STRATEGON Zrt.; UniCredit Jelzálogbank Zrt.; WABERER’S Holding Zrt.  

More information:
If you are interested in our services, please contact us at the contact details below to arrange an appointment in advance.


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