Central Register of Securities

Short description of service

KELER provides the service of central register of securities to manage
  • the data of securities generated as dematerialized securities in Hungary, 
  • the data made available to KELER by the issuer of securities generated as physical securities in Hungary 
  • ISIN related data, and 
  • the list of securities stopped and declared void. 
In line with applicable legal requirements the issuer is obliged to immediately report changes in the data of the securities series and the issuer to KELER as the organization appointed to issue the ISIN. 
KELER is obliged and entitled to provide reporting on data registered by KELER both within and outside Hungary. 
Continuous registration of securities data reported to KELER, particularly the registration of changes in the name of the issuer, changes in the address of the issuer, changes in the nominal value of the securities issued and conversion or termination of securities series, is of outstanding importance for all market players. Regulations require issuers to report data and issuers also can avoid a part of the problems arising in the course of management of securities if they provide information to KELER in due time. 

Details of the service:
  • Based on the report submitted by the issuer KELER records changes related to securities and issuer. 
  • In order for the central securities register to record prevailing data at any time, issuers are obliged to report immediately to the central depository changes to the data reported to KELER. The issuer is obliged to report changes to data once the changed data is recorded in the relevant registers (e.g. register of companies). 
  • As registered data are recorded based on reports submitted by the issuers, KELER is not responsible for registered data that are no longer valid. 
  • Changed data related to dematerialized securities are recorded simultaneously with the execution of the dematerialized action (e.g. generation of additionally issued securities). If the issuer reports a change to data related to dematerialized securities without initiating at the same time the execution of the related dematerialized action, if necessary KELER informs the issuer on the obligation of the issuer to execute the dematerialized action.

What should the client do if it wishes to use this service?
Isuers can report data changes related to physical securities on the Form to report central securities register changes. For dematerialized securities the issuer informs KELER of data changes by initiating the execution of the dematerialization action.

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