Management of dematerialized securities

Definition of DEMATERIALIZED securities 
A dematerialized security a registered security without serial number, where the securities account contains the name of the owner of the securities and the data for clear identification of the owner. The dematerialized security is the sum of data containing the formal requirements of the security in an identifiable manner, created, forwarded and registered electronically, in line with the provisions of the Act on the Capital Market and applicable separate regulations. 
The series of signs digitally represents all the requirements of the security defined in regulations, the total nominal value of the entire series issued and the number of securities issued. 
Short description of services provided by KELER Zrt. in relation to dematerialized securities 
KELER as central depository is obliged and entitled to create, credit to central securities accounts and manage (modify, cancel) all securities issued as dematerialized securities with public or private placement in Hungary. KELER creates, modifies and cancels dematerialized securities pursuant to agreements executed with Issuers of securities and at the instruction of the issuers. 
In relation to dematerialized securities (hereinafter referred to as: DEMAT securities) the following actions (hereinafter referred to as: demat event) can be executed: 

Generation of DEMAT securities
The dematerialized securities series is created and credited to central securities accounts as an electronic sign. 
Additional issuance of DEMAT securities 
The increase of the number of pieces issued and the total nominal value issued on the central securities accounts of the dematerialized securities series created earlier as an electronic sign. 

DEMAT securities instrument change 
Dematerialized event that does not change the quantity of securities on securities accounts, such a change can be due to changes in the data of the securities series (e.g. tenor; change to the name, the interest terms, yield payment and assignment of the securities) and to changes to the data of the Issuer (e.g. Issuer name is changed).