Physical Securities

Acceptance and management of physical securities

For issuers KELER provides two ways to accept physical securities:

  1. Accepting physical securities with blank endorsement for fungible custody. In this case the depositor has a claim to securities deposited not by serial number but by basic denomination.
  2. Accepting physical securities as individual deposit, when depositors receive the securities with the same serial numbers that were deposited .

Details of the service:

1. Management of securities in fungible safekeeping:

    • Securities can be accepted following the execution of the issuer agreement on the continuous reporting related to the securities issued by the issuer and KELER.

2. Accepting physical securities pursuant to individual agreements and related custody:

    • Pursuant to the individual custody agreement signed with the client KELER takes into custody and registers in individual custody account securities issued in Hungary (including warehouse warrants).

Additional services related to physical securities 

At the instruction of the issuer KELER undertakes to complete coupon cutting, in case of securities without coupon stamping corresponding to coupon cutting related to payment of dividend, yield and interest and to annul and destroy securities and coupons.

What should the client do if it wishes to use this service? 

The issuer is requested to inform in writing the Dematerialization Department on the intention to use this service, the staff members of the Department will contact the representative and request the documents required to use this service. 

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