Trade Reporting


Fixing of message errors in Reported Trade messages within EMIR (2) reporting services


We kindly inform our clients that due to technical errors in the processing of Reported Trade messages, which had been sent by our clients after 30 October 2017 (in paralel with the Regis-TR new version release) we have identified several delivery errors causing Trade Reports in the TR system to stay labelled as "Sent by TR".
In order to correct all error notes currently in the above 'Sent by TR' status KELER's Service Desk is available for case by case reconciliation. We kindly ask our clients to check their reports'  status/label and  to contact KELER Service Desk and re-upload the impacted reports after the necessary repairs.
In order to make our system better suited to the requirements of REGIS-TR, and be able to filter out more errors in the submitted reports, we are planning to have further improvements in KELER's TR system, some of which are to be implemented in December and the next part of new releases will take place early next year. Thank you for your understanding.




The need to improve the competitiveness of Europe and the recent global economic crisis made leading politicians and authorities realize that it is necessary to have standard money and capital market regulations. The high number of regulations worldwide affects all businesses, including the financial industry and investors. Legislation focuses on prevention, therefore secure and transparent terms of operation are needed to eliminate earlier loopholes and allow supranational and national authorities to monitor economic processes regularly through the individual transactions. To this end market participants were required to report, among others, the trades they entered. The most important relevant European Union regulations of recent years are as follows:

  • EMIR – European Market Infrastructure Regulation
  • REMIT – Regulation of wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency
  • MiFID II – Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
  • CRD IV – Capital Requirements Directive IV
  • MAD II/ MAR – Market Abuse Directive
  • ETR – Electricity Transparency Regulation