KELER Strategy 2023-2027




  • Customer focus
  • Competitiveness
  • Cooperation
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
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Background information

KELER was analysing its effective strategy, financial and profitability data, the potentials and risks inherent in its individual business lines, European capital market trends, client requirements and development potentials, as well as the changes to the regulatory and market conditions both in Hungary and the EU, international best practices and market benchmarks throughout the year of 2022. With consideration to the findings of such analysis, the owners of KELER formulated new strategic directions for the timeframe of 2023-2027.

Strategic direction: National excellence

KELER has determined its strategic directions for the period of five years commencing in 2023 based on its core values, i.e., stable and reliable operation, professionalism, client focus, competitiveness, innovation, cooperation, reliability and prudent and transparent operation.

The main direction for KELER is the attaining of “National excellence”, primarily aimed at serving the Hungarian capital market services in a more efficient manner and providing better value for money; improving client focus and client satisfaction; providing services of outstanding and sustainable standard and quality and at a high rate of efficiency. On the basis of the foregoing, KELER remains committed to providing its essential services - i.e. central securities account management and settlement, just as the services related to dematerialised securities -, as well as its value-added services at a high standard and in an efficient manner, while noticeably enhancing the level of automation and digitisation.

In parallel with the careful and conscious planning for change and taking maximum account of the impacts on clients and the organisation,  we will undertake a comprehensive review of both our essential services our value-added services in terms of profitability and sustainability, and innovate and improve them in accordance with our findings over the timeframe of the strategy. 

Strategic objectives

The main objectives of the implementation of the strategic direction of National Excellence are as follows:

  • Ensuring the stability of daily operations, high availability 
  • Focusing on core business lines  
  • Improving the efficiency and quality of services and the organisation 
  • Value-added, value-for-money operation and service portfolio 
  • Economies of scale
  • Providing higher level of support for the domestic capital market 
  • Achieving a high level of automation and increasing the level of digitalisation 
  • Continuous openness to development 
  • Adoption and application of international best practices
  • Further harmonisation of essential services 
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Strengthening strategic thinking, controlling approach and client focus 
  • Establishing effective project management and development support
  • Organisational development for more efficient operations 
  • Meeting client needs as part of the annual development plan 
  • Agile attitude in implementing market trends and requirements