KSDP- information about MAT tests


Dear Clients,
Herewith we would like to inform you that there were changes in the previously published 3rd Attachment about BIC Codes.

Moreover, you can find attached the MAT Test Reports regarding MAT tests. The report should contain a short description about the test results and the reference number of the transaction as well. Clients, who participate in MAT1 test should send it back until 15th July 2021. In their case, the report during the MAT2 phase should be amended with the functions, that can only be tested during the MAT2 phase. MAT2 test reports should be sent back to KELER until the 5th November 2021 latest. Clients, who only plan to complete the MAT2 test, should send back the report until the end of MAT2 period.

Please be also informed, that during the MAT1 tests, between 1st June and 9th July 2021, KELER’s test environment is only open from Monday to Thursday every week between 10AM and 4PM. On Fridays maintenance works are completed in the test environment.

Should you have any questions or issues, please contact us through  or  e-mails.

Best Regards,