Settlement information for public holidays on 29 May 2023

Dear Clients,

Herewith we  provide information on the settlement of value date transactions on May 29, 2023:

On those Hungarian public holidays (i.e. 29 May 2023), when KELER is open only for the execution of transactions to be settled in T2S and accepts such transactions, the following are valid:

  • it is not possible to settle a transaction in HUF, nor to credit, transfer  from an account kept in KELER, internal transfer;
  • placement, blocking, release of securities or cash collateral is not possible (eg. Multinet, DERIVATIVE title)
  • only T2S-related transactions can be submitted and settled: to be settled in EUR, DVP principle (DVP_TRAD, REPO, PFOD_TRAD), only for HU ISIN;
  • no other securities transaction is possible, neither in KELER's domestic market nor in relation to Cross Border;
  • foreign currency credit, if received, will be credited, however, foreign currency conversion and disbursement is not possible;
  • reports on foreign currency and securities accounts will be prepared for this day.