Hungarian Clearing services provider Doubles Turnover in the European Energy Markets

Budapest, 11 August 2017 - KELER CCP Ltd. achieved major growth in the first six months of the year by doubling its cleared turnover to HUF 234 billion p.a. in the spot energy markets. KELER CCP intends to become one of the largest clearing actors in this field.

The latest results seem to confirm the success of the strategy of KELER CCP Ltd. which provides clearing and guarantee services and sets a target of expansion in the globally and increasingly important energy markets and energy exchanges.
Plans and Targets
KELER CCP CEO Károly Mátrai said that the company has been expanding in phases. As a good example, since last year it has been providing clearing services to Belgian, Dutch, British and Irish companies trading on APX and Belpex electricity exchanges as well.
In addition, the company also has strong positions in the region and expansion in the region is another key objective of its strategy. “The clearing services provided in the gas and electricity markets of the region are in line with the European standards and relying on its twenty years’ experience on the stock exchange and more than 6 years of activities in the energy market KELER CCP may have an important role in the European and regional markets” -said Károly Mátrai.

Multiplied turnover  
The figures also prove the viability of the energy market strategy: the turnover cleared by KELER CCP in the spot energy market last year was higher than HUF 288 billion, reflecting a 33 per cent increase from the preceding year and more than fivefold increase of the HUF 62 billion cleared in 2012. Chief Executive Officer of KELER CCP Károly Mátrai also added: “Growth will continue in 2017, too: in the first six months of the year the turnover cleared in the spot energy market reached HUF 234 billion, which was twice as high as the turnover reported in the same period of the preceding year.”
We have achieved major growth in the futures energy markets over the past few years with almost HUF 400 billion last year compared to HUF 173 billion a year before. “It is important to understand that the outstandingly high turnover in 2016 was the result of mainly individual factors which are not expected to occur this year again. Nevertheless, over the first six months of 2017 the futures energy market turnover reached HUF 78 billion, which is also impressive” - stressed Károly Mátrai.
Returning to the strategic goals, Károly Mátrai emphasised that one of the main objectives of KELER CCP was to extend the international reputation of the company and to become one of the major service providers, offering services to the energy market actors of more and more European countries.