Press Release - Change in the person of the CEO of KELER

The Board of Directors of KELER appointed Zsolt Demkó-Szekeres to the position of CEO of KELER Ltd. as of 31 July 2020.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Zsolt Demkó-Szekeres had held the positions of Deputy CEO and Banking Operations Director of KELER since 2019, during which time he had played a key role in obtaining the Statement of Completeness, the first milestone of the CSDR authorisation process of KELER, as well as in driving the greenfield system development which is to ensure SRD compliance.

Regarding his new role, Zsolt Demkó-Szekeres emphasized that he considers his main goal to make a success of the KELER Service Development Program in cooperation with the clients of the Company, thus ensuring that their partners are satisfied clients of a renewed central infrastructure. Furthermore, he is committed that KELER Ltd. should provide all support to the settlement banking model change of KELER CCP Ltd., ensuring that the Company will operate from 2021 as a central securities depository authorised under CSDR.