SRD: CAPS launch

Dear Clients,

The CAPS system was launched on 3 September 2020. The processing of the contracts, the sending of the certificates and the setting of the access rights for the senders of the contract are in progress.

We hereby inform you that following the launch the test system will continue to be available until 18 September 2020.

Following this, for the success of further developments we close the test system until the supplementation with functions related to the SWIFT.

We are going to inform our Clients later of the date of the planned launch of the test environment and the SWIFT functions.

At the request of our Clients without automated SWIFT communication, KELER will not launch the part of the shareholder identification service, where KELER as the agent of the issuer collects the shareholder identification responses (i.e. placing orders for shareholder identification services from KELER during this time will not be possible for Issuer Clients). KELER opens this function when the automated SWIFT communication will be available.

In line with our prior information, KELER continues to be in compliance with the requirements of the legislation as an intermediary. KELER adheres to the following procedure regarding shareholder identification:

  • it forwards the requests received from the Issuers/Intermediaries (the seev.045-046 messages whether regarding Hungarian or foreign securities)
    • to its Clients choosing SWIFT through the SWIFT,
    • of its Clients not choosing SWIFT to the shareholder identification email address provided in the CAPS contract,
  • KELER replies through the SWIFT to the request received on the SWIFT, i.e. it sends its own seev.047-048 message to the addressees indicated in the request.

Please send your remarks and questions to the email address.