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In line with Section 2 of MNB Order 20/2014. (VI.3.) on the ISIN identifier (hereinafter: ISIN Order) the issuer is required to identify with ISIN the securities and other exchange products it issued. KELER as national numbering agency is in charge of ISIN issuance and recording related data in Hungary. 

ISIN structure
ISIN ISIN Structure


ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is a unique code, a mandatory attribute of the security that distinctly identifies the security. 

The ISINs issued by KELER and the basic securities data can be queried on the website of KELER.


Service details

Each securities series (including physical and dematerialized series) is distinctly identified with an ISIN. The ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is a 12-character alpha-numerical code that serves to uniformly identify securities series or other exchange traded products. The first two characters of ISINs issued by KELER are “HU”.

The securities in the same series have identical ISIN. Based on the ISIN Order the issuer is required to apply for ISIN in the following cases:

  • issue of new securities series,
  • if there is a change related to the existing (earlier identified) securities series in terms of
    • format of production (e.g. physical → dematerialized)
    • nominal value or currency
    • related rights and obligations
  • if the securities within the same securities series, issued at different points in time, represent non-identical rights temporarily (e.g. fraction dividend)   or
  • in the case of issuing securities in the same series where already listed securities exist and the securities issued later are listed at the same exchange at a time other than the time of issue.

 There is no need to apply for a new ISIN:

  • if there is a change in quantity (increase or decrease) of the securities in the series that already has ISIN,
  • if there is a change in the data of the issuer (e.g. issuer name, registered office, trade register number, etc.) of the series that already has ISIN. 

Process of ISIN issue

KELER issues the ISIN at the request of the issuer. In line with the ISIN Order the ISIN can be applied for as follows:

  1. electronically at the interface operated by KELER (eISIN) or
  2. by completing the form for this purpose and mailing or delivering personally the completed form to KELER.

Further information

1. Electronic ISIN request

  • ISIN can be applied for in the eISIN application that can be accessed in the Online menu on the website of KELER or directly by clicking here.
  • The fee of code issue can be found in the KELER Fee Schedule, this fee is payable with bank card upon application in the eISIN system. The applicant can determine the details of the purchaser to be stated on the invoice.
  • The applicant is provided information and confirmation on the ISIN issued in the eISIN system and paper-based confirmation can be requested also.
  • The invoice issued on the service provided is mailed to the mailing address provided in the application.

2. Paper-based ISIN application

  • The ISIN can be applied for by completing the paper-based “Securities code (ISIN) request form”. Once the form corresponding to the security type is downloaded ( documents/Business Forms/ISIN documents) and completed, the duly authorized signatories of the issuer will have to sign the form.
  • The fee of code issue is to be transferred to account number 14400018-09600102.
    Please forward the confirmation of fee payment jointly with the duly signed form to KELER (1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72. (R70 Office Complex) Floors IV-V., 1426 Budapest, POB 57.) or to the  email address.
  • KELER issues a confirmation on the ISIN issued and mails the confirmation to the applicant within 5 business days, at the request of the applicant the confirmation can be sent electronically also.
  • For the securities types B and C stated in the General Business Rules of KELER the ISIN can be applied for on the paper-based form only.

The invoice issued on the service provided will be sent by post – as an attachment of the form containing the ISIN code, to the mailing address indicated on the ISIN form - or electronically - to the email address provided during the request.

KELER can reject the ISIN application only if the application cannot be processed based on the data provided by the applicant or if the applicant failed to pay the ISIN issue fee stated in the KELER Fee Schedule. Within 3 business days of receipt of the application KELER informs the applicant in writing on the rejection of the application.

The ISIN is linked to an identified securities series. If the series was produced as dematerialized series and it was not subscribed and issued, the ISIN can be used for another securities series of the same securities type (re-use). The ISIN can be re-used only if the type, production method, nominal value, currency and issuer of the new series (or investment fund) are identical to the details of the original series.

The issuer or the applicant is required to report changes in the data of the identified physical securities series and the securities series pending dematerialization to KELER on the form for this purpose (Form to report change to the central security register).

The list of ISINs issued can be viewed on the website of KELER. The list of ISINs includes the following details:

  • the data of the securities identified by the ISIN as provided by the issuer,
  • security category in line with the General Business Rules
  • information whether the dematerialized securities related to the ISIN issued are created.

Issuer Services is the unit responsible for ISIN issue at KELER Ltd. Email:

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